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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Characteristics of available continuous glucose monitoring system in Korea

Guardian Connect G6 Freestyle Libre iPro2
Manufacturer Medtronic Dexcom Inc. Abbott Diabetes Care Medtronic
Type Real time Real time Intermittently scanned Retrospective
Age All ages ≥2 yr ≥4 yr All ages
Sensor duration 6 day (Enlite sensor)
7 day (Guardian 3 sensor)
10 day 14 day 6 day
Calibration Every 12 hr No (factory-calibrated) No (factory-calibrated) Every 6 hr
MARD Enlite sensor: 13.6%
Guardian 3 sensor: 8.7%–10.5%
9%–10% 11.4% 11.0%–12.2%
Warranty of transmitter 1 yr 3 mo - -
Acetaminophen interference Yes No No Yes
Reimbursement Yes Yes Yes No
Program CareLink Dexcom Clarity LibreView CareLink iPro

MARD, mean absolute relative difference.

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